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Heather Parker Photography :: About Heather


I’m delighted my photos have caught your attention and I’d love to share a bit about me and my work!

I grew up in the Boston area, and have spent time living in Boston, Chicago, and the Brooklyn area of New York City. Architecture is something I enjoy almost as much as photography. My background also encompasses fine art painting. While studying at Mass College of Art, my extensive coursework in painting and color theory plays an important role in my photography.

photo of Heather Parker the photographer

As much as I love taking photographs, traveling is also at the top of my list of favorite things I couldn’t live without. Learning about different cultures has taught me so much about the world and how similar we all really are. Eye opening experiences and pushing the envelope help me grow as a person. I’ve immersed myself waist-deep in water on several occasions to capture the best angle for a photograph. One of my biggest fears is heights, but after getting in the front seat of a small Cessna plane, I learned that conquering fears can be a thrilling experience. Since flying in tiny planes and working at getting over the heights thing, I’ve made my way to the top of the tallest building in the world in Dubai. During a wedding ceremony, I climbed to the top of a building via a fire escape to get a shot of the entire scene from an aerial perspective. I’m thankful I don’t have a fear of flying and have flown to nearby islands, Caribbean paradise, throughout Europe, and to Japan.

My background in photography began over 20 years ago in the darkroom, developing film and printing photos by hand. I earned a BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and studied under some of the living legends of photography including Abe Morell and Nicholas Nixon. After graduating, I moved to New York City and worked at Milk Studios, one of the world's premier photo studios. Over the years, my photos have appeared in print and online in publications the carry household names. Wedding photography wasn't something that had crossed my mind in my early career but I immediately adored the creativity that it allowed.

Some of the wedding venues I adore include Boston's Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, the Boston College Club and the Omni Parker House Hotel, as well as Gallery 1028 and Cafe Brauer in Chicago.

Now that I’ve shared a bit about me, please take a look around and view my portfolios and blog to get a feel for the style of photography I offer. I'm happy to share with you more about my services, pricing and availability. I travel regularly throughout the country and world, and welcome destination assignments. In order to give all my clients the time and attention they deserve, I take on a limited number of commissioned weddings per year.