5 Tips for Feeling (and Looking) your best in your Engagement Photos

To put it simply, you can’t look your best if you don’t feel your best. A few things go into creating a natural, comfy look we all crave in engagement photos. I’ve got five tips for looking your best in your engagement photos. I tell all my couples to think about their engagement photos as an extension of what you like doing together as a couple, but this time I’m tagging along with my camera and it’s my job to not get in the way. Don’t worry, you’re not completely on your own. I’ll guide you with ideas and poses.

freedom to choose a unique engagement photo location and be different

Best Tip #1: you’ve got the freedom to be different

Now with social media so popular (even grandma has an account!) we all look at photos everyday. You may have seen your friend’s engagement photos on the waterfront – she’s looking amazing in that flowery dress and her partner is looking dapper. There’s no rule that says photos have to look like your friend’s engagement photos. There’s freedom to make your photos cool, original and unique that they’ll inspire others.

be different and plan a meaningful engagement location like Boston's North End
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Best Tip #2: go ahead and plan a meaningful location

There are the “go to” spots for engagement photos that sure are beautiful, but sometimes they don’t feel personal or have any significance to my couples. I like to encourage my couples to first think outside the box. You can start by thinking about what you like to do together – taking walks with your dogs, cooking together in your apartment, biking by the river, grabbing a beer at your favorite brewery, going out for a night in your favorite neighborhood.
Locations with variety (places that give you options for sitting, walking, spots that have shade, cool textures) are your best bet, but spots that are fun for you as a couple (your first date location, the local cocktail room, your favorite square) are even better. Nothing is off limits – from hanging out in your backyard barbecuing to a round of tennis at your local park or playing a game of billiards at the coolest dive bar.

Best Tip #3: select an activity that involves a drink or snack

Nothing feels more intimidating than the odd block of time labeled on your calendar as “engagement photos.” It doesn’t have to feel that way! Go about planning this outing to include something that you like to do. Need some inspiration to feeling comfy? We can begin at your favorite coffee shop, ice cream parlor or brewery.

tips for planning engagement session outfits less is more

Best Tip #3: less is more

Leave your chunky wallet, sunglasses and everything you can in your car or at home. If you need to, you can bring a small bag to hold your keys and essentials and I’ll carry it so you don’t have to worry about it. It will be more fun (and will look better) making photos while you are walking around not having pockets holding your phone or keys. All you’ll need is a positive attitude and each other.

engagement session planning tips outfits and clothing

Best Tip #5: Don’t overthink your clothes, but don’t forget to plan a bit

It is hard to feel and look relaxed when you are worried about your looks. Make sure your clothes fit well and feel good on you. Those buttons bulging or your sweater hanging too loose will bug you later on when you see your photos. For colors, any solid colors or small patterns, especially bold colors (green, pink, blue) look great.

esplanade engagement photos by Heather Parker
engagement photography tips for looking and feeling great