artist interview: kristin cofer of design that kills

kristin cofer is perhaps the one person in the field that i know that works as hard, if not harder than me, at achieving personal, professional, creative goals. she is a top notch graphic designer and a budding photographer. we bounce ideas, crit, and good karma off each other. she deserved an introduction.

heather: you started out as a graphic designer, what got you into photography?
kristin: i was always into photography. i remember being four and taking pictures with my grandfather’s point and shoot camera
heather: overall, your photography and design is very feminine with a nice edge to it. what influences your style?
kristin: daydreams. trees, the sky, san francisco, special people i meet, other artists like guy bourdin, cindy sherman, andy warhol and my current obsession gray scott
heather: if you could step into a time machine, when would yout want it to drop you off?
kristin: i would have loved to meet and be friends with my grandmother when she was working at the mark hopkins, circa san francisco 1950
she has always been a supporter and inspiration to me
heather: what are some of your favorite tools that you work with?
kristin: 50mm lens, imagination, light disk, illustrator
heather: if you could photograph anyone in the world who would it be, and why?
kristin: can they be deceased? but how they were when they were alive of course
heather: well you’d have to photograph them in their present state so….
kristin: that is a hard question there are so many. i suppose since she is alive and brilliant i would love to meet and photograph cindy sherman as well as rack her brain about photography… but also vivienne westwood because she influenced so many artists and musicians that i love. i could go on and on.
heather: your personal style is very visible in your work. what fashion article couldn’t you live without?
kristin: high heels
heather: ok daydream, where do you want to be in ten years from now?
kristin: fashion editorial photographer, independent, stylish woman
really nice digital camera, canon of course, really nice studio and lighting set up- maybe i will have been to NYC and back in san francisco living with a greyhound and the love of my life

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