Autumn apple picnic offbeat engagement shoot

I have become a morning person, but only because it is the best time to day to get phenomenal warm light from the sun. Before I share some photos from an autumn apple picnic engagement shoot, here are a few frames from this fabulous structure designed by Studio Gang. The designer notes that it is “inspired by the tortoise shell, its laminated structure consists of prefabricated, bent-wood members and a series of interconnected fiberglass pods that give global curvature to the surface.”

studio gang honeycomb sculptureWithout further ado, here are a selection of my favorite photos taken for Jason and Kristen during their autumn engagement shoot just weeks before their wedding. They planned ahead to bring a red and white checkered picnic blanket, a wicker picnic basket, and some ribbon in case they found some flowers that they liked for the shoot. Autumn colors of red, orange, green, brown, and yellow were everywhere as we passed through a farmers market loaded with fruits and veggies. These crates of apples were so much fun to use in the photos!

apple crates engagement by Heather Parker photography

We found some bales of hay, and some knuckle head knobby pumpkins on the farm.hay balesred and white checkered picnic blanket as a prop or accessoryautumn sunflower red and white blanket apples at the market

I was a big fan of these gigantic fresh sunflowers. The green ribbon that Jason and Kristen brought along to their shoot worked perfectly to tie together an impromptu bouquet.sunflower bouquet with green ribbon

We all were intrigued by these plants called “pumpkin on a stick.” We learned from the farmer that they are ornamental eggplant. I think they would make for neat, offbeat bridesmaid bouquets.pumpkin on a stick autumn decorationsfarm red barn

Later on, we got some photos in front of an Irish pub that shared the same name as the town that Kristen is from.corcoran's in chicago like corcoran michigancorcorans

I will also be their wedding photographer at their upcoming wedding. Their venue is Gallery 1028, one of my faves! Stay tuned!