Engagement photos in front of the Fairmont Hotel

There’s a magical time of day, just before the clouds get completely lost in darkness and the city lights. Whenever I am capturing engagement photos, if my clients are interested I try to align a portion of the session around that time of day.  For this particular shot, we took engagement photos in front of the Fairmont Hotel although I suppose because of what I am focusing on, you might never know the location. Does location matter? Sometimes. The main thing I look for when photographing a couple is the connection they share. Of course the Fairmont Copley Plaza and the areas surrounding it offer a great backdrop. In between all of the weddings I get to photograph, I’ve had the honor to meet some really cool couples during their engagement session. It’s a great chance to spend some time with my couples just being themselves. If you’re camera shy, it’s a great opportunity to get comfortable getting photographed. The great thing about engagement pictures is that they can be used for all sorts of details throughout the wedding. There are countless beautiful locations in Boston’s Back Bay for unique engagement photos. Whether you adore the classic Boston brownstones, a stroll on Newbury Street, or the Commonwealth Avenue Mall lined with trees, it’s an opportunity to create a magical set of memorable images that document such a special chapter in your lives. For this particular shot, I waited until my favorite part of the day – the twilight sparkle. After the sun has set and all the city lights come on, the shot looks richer and inviting. 20bet apk

Fairmont Hotel engagement

Night photography can be one of the most difficult types of photography for many people. Often a camera flash can kill the existing light, and a low shutter speed may add blur to the shot. As a photographer that specializes in low-light photography, many years ago I learned that the key to getting the best high quality night photography is balancing shutter speed and ISO, and waiting for the right moment when the light fills the frame perfectly. My goal here was to use as much natural light as possible because its so incredibly dreamy! For their engagement photos in front of the Fairmont Hotel, I waited until they walked directly past the lights of the famed red awning. They provided the best light for the shot and didn’t kill the natural highlights and shadows on the faces. I especially love how the vibrant background attains a buttery blur to allow these two lovebirds to be the main focus of the photo. We shot indoors at the Oak Bar in the hotel itself, and then headed over to the Boston Public Library just across the street. It was after we left the library and returned to the Fairmont Hotel that the beauty of this shot would become apparent. I’m looking forward to creating lots more documentary photos for this couple during their upcoming Boston wedding this autumn where I will be photographing alongside one of my favorite wedding planners Gracie Lou Events.