Fog just outdid foliage

Fog just outdid foliage. There are a few days for perfect foliage and you can never quite put a finger on when it is going to happen. Some years it creeps up early, and sometimes the rain sweeps away all the colors. I had scheduled to meet with Marta and Will early one morning for a shoot. Mornings are unpredictable sometimes, and often offer nice surprises. Marta wanted to capture the changing colors and try to get a shot of the skyline. It was a mysterious morning as the fog settled in, and as the shoot progressed, a hazy white blanket diffusing the light got thicker and thicker. Colors became increasingly muted and it was challenging to see anything more than a few hundred yards ahead. We were at awe at the fog, and the limitations that were instantly imposed upon us. There was no chance of seeing the skyline, but what we had was quite surreal and beautiful. I had so much fun working with Marta and Will under these challenging circumstances. We worked along the shore line, under trees, and in tall grass to create some great shots. Below are some of the best ones from the shoot. Toward the end of the shoot, the fog decreased a bit, but part of me wished it didn’t. After the shoot, I wondered if I would ever have such a dreamlike scene to work within. The only thing equally as dreamlike is probably Satie’s Gnossienne No. 5 Modéré. I’ll be the wedding photographer for Marta and Will’s upcoming December wedding so stay tuned for more of this lovely couple!couple against beautiful surreal fog with a treeFog during a photo shootfog on the shore linetall grass for engagement photo sessionautumn foliage engagement shoot by heather parker