ICA Boston wedding photography Institute of Contemporary Art

I love wedding days where there is a moment to take some photos outside, especially if the weather is cooperating! Sometimes it can be one of the only times during a wedding day where a couple can spend time with just each other. Now since the clocks have changed for Daylight Savings Time, its important to be aware of sunset time when scheduling wedding photography into a timeline. If you are in the process of setting up your wedding day timeline, your wedding planner will have a good understanding of when the sun sets, and can give you advice on indoor photo locations in case it is too chilly. Keep in mind that since it will be cooler outside this time of year, so if you are heading outside with your bridal party, it is important to be realistic about how much stamina your pals will have in frigid weather. These photos are from the ICA / Institute of Contemporary Art, one of the most unique architectural locations at the Seaport area of Boston.

ICA Boston wedding photography Institute of Contemporary Artinstitute of contemporary art