Indian Engagement Shoot in downtown Chicago

I hadn’t met Kamini and Aum prior to their engagement shoot, but I will be photographing their multi-day Indian wedding. Aum was working in Boston for a well-known biotech. met his soon to be wife through mutual friends. They’ve hired a horse for their baraat and will have about six hundred guests to join them on their mandap and festivities. They had a proper engagement celebration back in Mumbai (Bombay), and opted to have an additional engagement shoot here in the States. I headed to downtown Chicago for this session. For a portion of our shoot, it was raining and its a good idea to make sure there is a backup indoor location in case of inclement weather. We photographed in one of the libraries.

At this particular location, there were some strict rules of where photography could happen, however we must have pushed the boundaries a bit because we got busted for taking a shot in front of an escalator. Actually, we kept getting busted and it was hard to keep a straight face for the miniscule things they were fussing about. I got in trouble for sitting on the floor… Even with the silliness at the library, I had a blast working with them. I have an indian wedding in just a few short days in Harvard Square Cambridge in just a few short days. Its exciting to be invited to take part in photographing such a diverse array of weddings coming up from same-sex celebrations to multicultural ceremonies.

We braved the drizzle and headed outside for some more options.