Boston Indian wedding photography

October 29, 2010

Indian wedding photography is one of my favorites. This wedding was no exception! From the start of the day until the dancing at the reception, hundreds of friends and family gathered to show their love in celebrating with the bride and groom. There was so much emotion during the day. During the kanya agaman where the bride arrived with her bridesmaids and sahelis, the room was filled with anticipation as she kept her eyes hidden with the betel leaf. The energy picked up as the bride and groom had their firest glance. The ceremonies were very personal but everyone appeared to have such a strong connection. At one point during the mandap, the fire got a bit tall and everyone could see that the room was full of wonder as it quickly was kept under control. The ceremony finished flawlessly and the newlyweds went to a park for some photos before their wedding reception. Their guests gathered over food, drinks, and dancing, and shared stories and laughs with the bride and groom. This was the bride’s farewell to the city she called home, and the couple now calls New York home. Congratulations to the both of you on your marriage!

Boston Indian wedding photography

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