offbeat bride photographer: heather parker photography

one of my brides has a new nickname, jen the great. seriously! jen selected me as her boston wedding photographer this past summer. before her wedding, the engagement photos i took for her in chicago were featured on rock ‘n roll bride. when i find myself time after time getting engagement shoot requests against that same familiar skyline or in that oh so familiar tourist park, i can’t tell you how refreshing it is to get couples that want to shoot at a colorful mcdonalds, on abandoned elevated railroad tracks, or even in the couples’ loft apartment. jen is your quintessential offbeat bride in every way.
following the wedding, jen the great got my photography featured on the popular wedding website rock ‘n roll bride and on skull a day, and now today on the wildly popular blog for brides who thrive for something more unique: offbeat bride.thank you jen and grant for sharing with the world your awesome blue, skull infested, vans sneaker wedding with the entire world through the various blogs you have submitted to. i feel like we’ve gone on a blog tour and can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

things about jen and grant’s off-beat wedding that have made it so popular on the blogsphere:

  • use of skulls as a recurring theme throughout their wedding day
  • getting proposed to at a mcdonalds
  • wearing vans sneakers at the wedding
  • incorporating playstation (cufflinks, groom’s cake) at the wedding
  • having blue as the sole color at the wedding, and rocking it!
  • having a wedding dress with pockets
  • proudly displaying cartoon characters at your wedding

jen and grant had their wedding at hampshire house, boston’s most historic, sought after wedding venues and still pulled off a tasteful integration of many non-traditional details for their wedding.

cheers to you guys! (oh wait did i mention that they held their wedding above the famed cheers pub in boston?!)