Queensberry Albums Designer | The Process

This afternoon on Skype, I brainstormed with my New Orleans bride Annie on layouts for the Queensberry Album for she and her husband Pete chose to invest in. Screen-sharing comes in so handy! We have a great mix of flushmount and matted pages together in one album to tell the story of their day. Annie watched as I arranged photos, nudging them over millimeter by millimeter, completely customizing each layout. She was able to see the difference between a well-designed pages of strong images versus cluttered layouts that had quantity over quality. Right now, the couple is reviewing their layout proofs and will make revisions if necessary. Once I get their revisions back, I will implement them into the layouts. A final proofing will be given to them to check that each photo is exactly what they want. I also make sure my clients double check all spelling and finish options before sending the album off to the Queensberry Albums bindery in Auckland, New Zealand. From there, photographic prints are made using traditional silver halide technology on Kodak Endura Lustre stock. This means they are real photos and not press-printed. The photos are hand-checked and cut to order. Each print is added to the thick pages by hand and the covers are custom-bound to order.

Queensberry Albums Designer | The Process

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