Same sex weddings in Chicago: Emilia and Megan

Same sex weddings in Chicago seem to be less common than they are in Massachusetts. Not too long ago I photographed Liza and Nia’s wedding at the Charles River Museum Waltham, MA as well as Michael and Kenny’s wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA. This was my first time doing photography for a gay wedding in Chicago. I am hoping that both Federal laws change soon so that all human beings may share the same rights regardless of their sexuality. Before Megan and Emilia hired me as their photographer, I was crossing my fingers hoping that I would be able to document their special day, because after meeting them during their consultation, I knew it was going to be such a fun wedding. In celebration of their love, they exchanged vows in front of a large group of friends and family. This blog post has just a sneak peek of photos from their first look and creative portrait session on their wedding day.

I arrived at Hotel Sax to start shooting. While my second shooting assistant Chadd, was outnumbered in a other bridal suite photographing Megan and her six bridesmaids getting ready, I photographed Emilia and all six of her bridesmaids across the hall. We headed downstairs to the plush and elegant Crimson Lounge for a first look before the wedding. Here are some shots!

Emilia is checking the finishing touches.

bride wearing a custom tailored suit getting readyThe beautiful bride wore a custom tailored suit.

custom tailored wedding suit in chicagoEmilia’s and her mother share some words.bride and mother in the bridal suite at hotel saxRather than waiting for over a dozen women to finish getting ready, we headed down to the Hotel Sax lobby and Crimson Lounge to find the perfect photo location for the brides’ first look. Emilia waited for Megan to arrive. She was pacing.Bride in the Crimson Lounge at Hotel Saxbridal bouquet in chicago at the crimson loungebrides embrace for a first look on their wedding dayMegan wore a slim white gown and an elegant birdcage veil.birdcage veil beautiful bride at Chicago Hotel Saxbeautiful bride on her wedding daycreative photography of the bridestwo brides on their wedding
Facts about same sex marriage:

  • At the time of this posting, Illinois does not yet recognize same sex unions.
  • The Federal Court in Boston ruled very recently that same-sex married couples deserve federal recognition. This case, and another in California, may likely move the battle closer to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • A map of what states recognize same sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships can be seen by clicking here.
  • Laura Bush supports same-sex marriage.
  • Public support for gay marriage has increased about 1% annually over the last two decades.
  • Statisticians predict a majority of Americans will support gay marriage by 2012.