Solutions to managing wedding guest photography

Solutions to managing wedding guest photography is a dilemma that is happening right now. Of all the friends and family that will attend your wedding ceremony, how many of them do not have smartphones? Just about everyone these days is equipped with an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. We are knee-deep in a society that craves instant gratification, which means that at your wedding ceremony whether it is during the processional or recessional, arms will undoubtedly extend these useful little cameras right into the aisle to snap the first shot of you. Someone wants to be the one to share your wedding on Facebook, and someone wants to send a photo of your first kiss to your second cousin twice removed who couldn’t make it to your wedding.

With so many guests eager to take their one photos, I have had a bride’s face blocked by a Blackberry as she walked down the aisle with her father. Everyone must have been thrilled to see this immediately on Facebook and Twitter, but this would-be wonderful photo never made it into the wedding album. At another recent wedding ceremony, a guest’s snapshot camera had gotten in the way of a ring exchange. There was one instance where an uncle of a bride stepped into the aisle during the recessional and completely blocked the shots as he got video of this moment.

While I can assure you that nobody wants to ruffle any feathers on a wedding day, your Queensberry Album wouldn’t look as fabulous when you scrap the processional photo because your face was blocked by three different arms welding cameras. mostbet mobil

There are several solutions to managing guests’ impulse to take photos – ranging from putting a note on your wedding website or wedding program, informing folks at your rehearsal dinner, or letting ushers know to inform guests. Often times, your officiant may tell your professional photographer to not use flash, but will rarely mention use of cameras obstructing the ceremony to the 150 people sitting before them.

One of my favorite brides (who happens to run the Chi City Vegan blog) had their Chicago loft wedding on Style Me Pretty and created a clever little sign displayed at the entrance of their ceremony venue.

wedding ceremony photography sign