The greatest clients in the world

There’s a point in a photography career when you get to set the rules. You end up choosing greatest clients in the world as well as them choosing you. Almost a year ago, I got a request for information from a bride in Chicago regarding her Boston wedding at the Fairmont Copley Plaza:

“I’ve looked at probably over a dozen photographers at this point and you were the first I saw that I felt like, ‘wow, every single picture fits with the kind of pictures I want!!’ Aside from the groom, the photography is one of the most important elements of the day for me.”

Working with clients that have prioritized photography over many other aspects of their day means that visually preserving the emotions of the people who are the closest to you on your wedding day is an investment worth making.

Like myself and over a dozen other clients, this bride and her groom had a strong connection to both Chicago and Boston. After a phone conversation and not meeting in person, they took the plunge and became my clients. I first was able to meet them in Boston at the Oak Room. I was having an excellent day and it was made even better as I saw how excited Ian and Whitney were about their wedding, the venue itself, and working with me. They were so happy, and without planning to do so, I decided to take photos of them in Boston. When they headed back home to Chicago, a few months later I took some photos of them so that they could have a collection of images of the city they called home. The shoot was bittersweet as I knew Ian was headed overseas shortly thereafter, and Whitney was going to be apart from her fiancé for a few months until making the journey herself to settle into their new home. As months passed, I enjoyed reading correspondence about their new life in a foreign country. December finally came, and guests from all over flew into Boston. The wedding day was a joy to photograph and it went by too quickly. Soon after I presented the newlyweds with their wedding photography, I got an email that really made me smile.

Boston Public Library wedding photography with reviewsFrom one of the greatest clients in the world:

“I am into hour 4 of staring at these photos. Is this obsessive? i don’t know… but I love every single one and some VERY distinct favorites but I can’t tag anything because I want to wait for Ian to get home to go through them together so he gets to experience first hand!!!!! Anyway, I am literally just writing AGAIN to tell you how excited I am about the pictures. I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to decide which to print, what size to make them… and you know what else??? I just did a pass through wondering which would be good candidates for B&W, and surprisingly (as I am a BIG fan of B&W) I think I love them all in color more – the winter hues in contrast with the red roses and peachy skin is just so gorgeous!!!!!!! anyway, I will leave you alone for today, but I am just over the moon. I didn’t expect as many as there are – and though I knew they would be great, I didn’t expect SO MANY to be SO PERFECT!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The remarks that I got from Whitney and Ian reflect results I strive for in each project and event that I commit to.