why Canon USA is so great

i get many people asking me what type of equipment i use. for the most part, i use canon. i feel they have superior lens quality. to go along with the lenses, i use canon camera bodies and canon speedlite strobes (flashes). while many technology and photography companies offer excellent products, customer service and technical support is often offered at an additional fee, whether it be on a per incident basis, or as part of a contract. with canon, i have had to call 1-800-OK-CANON and i have been quickly connected to people in their virginia call center. sometimes i have a question about a product, and sometimes i have a question about how to use something i already own.

recently, i was talking to canon about their CPS program and had a question about registering one of my lenses. as the call was being wrapped up, the woman at the other end of the phone asked if there was anything else she could help me with. i paused, and remembered that i had an issue with one of my speedlites. “why is your flash smoking?” a child asked me during a wedding shoot. previously i had smelled something when using the speedlite and i figured it wasn’t great but just assumed it was the smell of the equipment “working hard” since i do put a lot of use into it and it was two years old. i assumed that because the equipment was out of warranty, i was just going to have to buy another unit, so i never pushed the issue. i was surprised when the woman on the phone offered to route me through to customer relations without me asking for this. when i spoke to customer relations, they requested i send in my speedlite for their engineers to take a look at and i was emailed a pre-paid overnight shipping label. in under two weeks, my flash was back in my hands. service details explained that the main PCB assembly was replaced along with electrical adjustments, inspection and cleaning. while i don’t know what all that means, i know it means my sick flash is all better.

i’m still in a bit of shock that companies like this still exist. its so valuable to have a support center based in a customer’s own country that provides no-fuss answers to questions and reaches out to assist.

yes i still have my little canon 50mm f/1.8. don’t hate.