Client Portal

Working together from A to Z.

Getting to know you

In the early stages of working together – even if your wedding isn’t set to take place for quite some time, you will receive a fun questionnaire to fill out online that helps me learn a bit more about you. I want to know you as a couple.

Connecting anytime is easy. Have a question about putting together a timeline? Need a recommendation of a trusted wedding vendor? I’m available by phone or email. Reach out whenever you have even the smallest question and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Leading up to your Wedding Day

As everything comes together and the wedding day approaches, You will receive a wedding day questionnaire that helps me understand your wedding from a photography standpoint. I am happy to look over your wedding day timeline and make suggestions if you are stuck on any part of it. If you’d like to do family photos on-site or take your wedding party to a different location for photos, estimating traffic and allocating a bit of buffer time in addition to time for photos can keep your wedding day on schedule.

After Your Wedding

After your wedding, I will be hand-editing and perfecting your wedding photos. Within eight weeks, they will be available in a password-protected online gallery that you may share with anyone who would love to see your wedding story.

I’ve told you how wonderful my photography is, and you’ve received your treasured photos. Future couples would love to hear what you think. Please take a few minutes to write a review for me on the websites that couples use to check wedding photography reviews. Thank you!