Queensberry Albums

In this day in age, sometimes its hard to think about the need for a real album. The custom heirloom albums I artfully design are so treasured because they are the physical keepsake of memories that a couple can pull out and share when friends and family today, and with future generations tomorrow. A high-quality album might just be the one tangible item that can be proudly displayed for many years to come. Because of the volume of photos we shoot on our mobile phones and point-and-shoot cameras, there is often an unfathomable amount of digital pictures sitting on hard drives and in software libraries. Your wedding photos deserve to be archived in a manner far better than how you store your cell phone photos.

We are in a wonderfully accessible digital society, but Facebook, Instagram and DVDs won’t stay with us forever. Many couples have hundreds or thousands of photos stored in their phones and hard drives that get lost in the fast pace at which daily snapshots are generated.

I photograph these important events and design album layouts in a cause-and-affect manner that allows a storytelling format to flow together without interruption. By curating momentous photos into purposeful page spreads, you’re able to remember the feeling of your wedding day and those who shared the joy that day with you. In the future, you can share that joy with others, without having to worry about your photos staying with the pace of technology.

What distinguishes Queensberry Albums is the human touch. Their album makers and photographic technicians possess a wealth of history and experience.

It took me over ten years to find a wedding album bindery that creates handmade, completely custom books with rich leather, library buckram or silk covers. I insisted that the photographs are professionally lab printed with a UV coating for lifelong protection. Keeping your wedding photos on a USB stick or on your cloud storage is a fantastic backup right now, but certainly not the best way to show them off years into the future. Fast forward a few decades and with a tangible heirloom like a Queensberry Album, you won’t have to worry about converting files or using a device that gives you an error message.

Queensberry Wedding Albums: Inside the bindery – made by hand

I am partnered with New Zealand-based Queensberry Albums – the leader in handcrafted, luxury wedding albums. I am able to offer spectacular, bespoke photo albums that are put together by hand. Options available for these beautiful albums include combining timeless matted pages with a modern flushmount option, fold out pages, and embossing. I work with you throughout the design process, selecting your best photos to create elegant layouts that have a high-impact. Your album is archival and stands the test of time, no matter what new media comes and goes as decades pass

Many modern couples have forgone the wedding swag, excessive monogrammed “stuff,” expensive wedding programs and favors that get tossed, and opted for in-season flowers to allow them to stick to a realistic budget. This savings allowed them to set aside money for something that you will proudly be able to share with your grandchildren someday.

2018 Queensberry Lineup

As a photographer who has worked with Queensberry Albums for over seven years, I have access to the latest Queensberry offerings including the Musée and new wrap-around covers with accents such as suede pulls and sterling silver beads.

Affording a Wedding Album

Recently, I’ve had quite a few couples enlist the services of Honeyfund, Merci Registry or similar services as a means to receive a wedding album as a gift from their loved ones. Lots of couples already have a toaster or too many bath towels, and find that registering at a website that allows them more flexibility makes the most sense. Couples select what they’d like such as offering guests to make a contribution towards a half-day excursion for their Bali honeymoon or gifting pages in their wedding album.

One common item on these types of gift registries can be worded politely – “Give a gift of contribution towards a high quality leather-bound wedding album filled with beautiful memories of our wedding day, put together by our photographer.”

Completely Custom

One of the reasons chose Queensberry Albums is that each album is uniquely custom. Your album’s design isn’t limited to ready-made templates. If it looks better to have photos presented 7mm apart instead of 15mm apart, this can happen. Animal-friendly cover materials are also available. Leathers, silks, faux-leathers and buckrams in every color under the rainbow are offered.


Your wedding album won’t become obsolete as technology changes, but most of all it is the one item that forever displays the feels of those that love you on such an important day, so you can remember it forever in a way that is always accessible.


You’re welcome to sign a wedding photography agreement with a wedding album included so you can lock in the price. You are also welcome to wait until closer to the wedding or after your honeymoon to start thinking about albums. I do encourage my clients to think about albums before their next life event – such as buying a home or starting a family so that you have time to think about your album design and have an investment set aside for this.