Experience with Heather Parker wedding Photographer

The Experience

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Below you will learn about a new kind of wedding photography experience I've got planned for you!

A New Type of Photography Experience

1: Connection

Since your photographer will spend the most time with you on your wedding day, the most important factor in choosing your wedding photographer is finding one that you are comfortable with. The better I know you both, the easier it is for me to make sure your photographs are not only gorgeous, but also an authentic reflection for yourselves as individuals.

2: Creation

You want your photos to be timeless but also unique to the two of you. Fun, emotional, artsy and often with a touch of playfulness. When it's all said and done, you want to feel what that moment was like when you flip through your wedding photos years down the road. I can do this with a lot of preparation, dedication and communication.

3: Admiration

Throughout this entire process of working together, my goal is to create tangible, visual memories that will increase in value as the years pass. I am honored to collaborate with you and recreate your wedding story in an heirloom quality album. Your wedding day is the beginning of your marriage, but taking the photos is only the beginning of the photography experience.

Scroll down to learn more about the 3 steps of your photography experience.

1: Connection

Your Consultation

Your life was busy enough without a wedding to plan, so let's get things started right away. Let's talk about your vision for your wedding and how I can help you make it happen. Phone, chat, FaceTime, face-to-face, it's up to you and your schedule!

My goal is to take the hard work off your shoulders while always leaving the important decisions in your hands.

Your Engagement Session

Unsure about getting in front of the camera for engagement photos? It's really is one of the best ways to get to know each other. I’ll learn what helps make the two of you comfortable (and the most flattering lenses to use). You’ll get familiar with how I photograph, so on your wedding day it will be a breeze. In the end, I get to see which photos you loved the most so when I walk into your wedding day, I'm more prepared than ever before.

Everything In-Between

I am on-call for you! Wondering if a color will photograph well? Where you should get ready on your wedding day? Want to know what camera you should bring on your honeymoon? Do you want to know if as an East Coast girl I prefer deep dish pizza? I've got you covered.

2: Creation

3: Admiration

wedding album process with Heather Parker Photography

Your Wedding Album Set

My couples always receive awesome quality digital photos when they work with me, but for what happens afterwards? How easy is it to find and show me a digital picture from when you were in high school or college? We all know that computer discs didn't last long, social media platforms come and go (remember MySpace), and that DVD of digital images you frame on the wall is going to be a hilarious reminder that it's really time for a wedding album!

I make the process of getting wedding albums super easy. You can receive a pre-designed album so you can see what your wedding will look like as an heirloom wedding album. Then, we collaborate and make any adjustments to perfectly showcase your story in a wedding album or album set.

Why an album when everything is digital?

A wedding album is the most important thing I can create for my couples. Creating a gorgeous, built-to-last, professional album is one of the strongest ways to take a stand and express that your wedding happened and it matters. You matter. Your story, your families’ stories and your legacy matters.

Digital snapshots are a fantastic way to immediately share with your Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat worlds, but who really knows what's happening to all those pictures on iCloud, social media apps and on our phones. Who knows where those photos will all be when we wish to sit with your grandkids and tell them about your engagement proposal and wedding day. An album you can feel and touch and hold the weight of it in your lap stands the test of time. We’ve been looking at printed photos for almost two centuries because it can so easily be passed down. When’s the last time your phone crashed and you lost all of those great snapshots? You are saying “I do” for a lifetime, so your photos should be with you just as long.

Tips & Tricks

Engagement Sessions: What you can expect

Your engagement session will remove the jitters and help you and I learn what types of photos you love. We’ll photograph your session in a place that helps to tell your love story — the bar where you met, the park you take your dog for walks at, or where the question was popped. Since it's not your wedding day, you have permission to relax, be yourselves and have fun without nerves.

Getting ready on your wedding day

Some of the most amazing emotional moments happen here, from laughter to tears. Since the air is full of anticipation, we'll reserve this part of the day for a candid, low-key experience. I might provide a bit of direction for the big moments, but we’ll keep it pretty chill otherwise.

You’ll need decent-sized space with good light. You’ve got a whole crew with you – you wedding party, beauty team, family members, photographers & videographers. A great space has lots of natural light from big windows, high ceilings and pale colored walls.

Have your A-team tidy up 10-15 minutes before I arrive to take photos because crumped dress bags, shoes boxes, empty champagne flutes and that sandwich you couldn't finish won't make for photos you want in your wedding album.

Wedding Day: First Look

While its a personal decision, most of the couples I photograph decide for a first look before the ceremony. The pressure is off and you can move through the rest of the day with ease. For many, seeing their partner before the ceremony instantly melts every bit of stress and anxiety away.

First looks don't mean you’ve ruined your chance at an emotional reaction from your partner when you walk down the aisle. Remember, when you walk down the aisle, they're reacting to you and the fact that you are about to be forever sweethearts. A first look will not erase those feelings.

Wedding Day: Timeline

I am available to help you create your wedding day schedule that goes well beyond the reception schedule you may receive from your venue. We can work together to build in enough time for wedding day beauty, your First Look and time for artistic photos of you as a couple.

If you would like formal photos, it's important to know many wedding party variations and formal family portraits you would like. I'm happy to help you figure out how much time is needed for that.

Wedding Day: Ceremony

Depending on where you are getting married, it's important to understand if there are any limitations. Some churches require photographers to stay stationary at the back of the church and this would be a barrier to getting photos of your expressions during your wedding vows. If you are getting married outdoors, light will play a key factor in how your ceremony shots turn out. If you're planning a summer ceremony outdoors, avoid peak afternoon hours (12-4 pm, usually), when light is harsh and temperatures run high.

Wedding Day: Reception

Reception lighting can help create a unique atmosphere at your wedding. Amber uplighting in ballrooms provides a flattering, warm glow while bistro and hanging lights are great for barns and outdoor receptions.

I bring professional flashes to light your reception, and are especially useful for formal dances on the dance floor. Each venue will have its own lighting quirks, so I recommend doing parent dances before first dances. This helps me understand how during the time of day at your unique wedding the flash and lighting will work best before the two of you have your first dance.

I highly recommend having your DJ or band commit to avoiding green laser DJ lights because guests with green dots on their faces make photos less appealing.