The way I go about photographing couples’ sessions might be a bit different from the norm. Instead of having beautiful photos of you against pretty scenery, together we try to figure out locations that are significant to you and explore them to create meaningful images that showcase the spark you share together. When you are comfortable in real life, it sure shows in photos. You’ll be walking around, laughing, sharing a cocktail or hot cocoa, and if you’re adventurous, strapping on a pair of skates and trying your best to support each other on ice. Whether we head downtown, to your campus, or to a favorite spot along the water, we’ll develop a magical set of photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. One of my favorite times to shoot is during what cinematographers have called “the magic hour” when the sun has just set, harsh shadows are eliminated, and the twinkling city lights become more prominent. I offer a limited number of engagement sessions each year and pricing starts at $700. I’ve been lucky enough to have been hired for these shoots in faraway places, and welcome your inquiry! If you have questions or are ready to book a session, let’s connect!