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It warms my heart when newlyweds, their friends and families take a few minutes to write a review for Heather Parker Photography. Hearing from those who have worked with me helps newly engaged couples and their families in the decision-making process when selecting their photographer. People often hear of me from word of mouth, but like to cross-reference reviews on Google (for those with Gmail accounts), Yelp, The Knot and WeddingWire. I have included a set of links to make this easy for you.

I appreciate a review anywhere, but If you're feeling particularly generous with your time, feel free to copy your review and add it into the other review sites. The links to the reviews will open up in a new window. When you are done, you can simply close the window and return to this page. All of the review sites offer an option to unsubscribe from their mailing lists. Feel free to share this page with other wedding guests who may have a Gmail or Yelp account and may like to share their experience - every review helps!