More than anything, I love to make art!


2nd grade me

Little Me (by popular request!)

I grew up outside of Boston in a small town that had one traffic light and lots of trees. Our home was on an old apple farm surrounded by stone walls. Growing up, I remember reading through the pets section of the classifieds weekly, begging my parents for a puppy and getting a "maybe" response every single time. Warm summer days were spent at Nahant Beach or riding my bicycle through the hilly streets with friends while winter days were spent hoping for snow days. I rode horses when I was little, was always drawing, and I acquired my advanced Super Mario Bros. skills around this time. I hated school picture day, mostly because the lady always took liberty in combing childrens' hair.

about me

Getting Creative

I enrolled in whatever creative course I could fit into my high school schedule - whether it was photography, TV production, or advanced drawing techniques. I got accepted into a small art college called Montserrat located a little coastal New England city called Beverly, Massachusetts. Being much more of a city girl, I transferred quickly to Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I love how color and light interact, and spent many hours doing large oil paintings, or perfectly color balancing silver prints in the color photography darkroom. In between semesters, I would take money I saved while working at galleries and bookstores and go travel to places like London, Malibu or Amsterdam.

Photographer Heather Parker on a vespa

The Real World

I lived for a few years in New York City and Berlin but now I call both Chicago and Boston home. I photographed fashion editorial, documentary subjects and architecture. When I started photographing weddings, I saw how my fashion editorial, documentary and architectural backgrounds all sort of magically came together. On my spare time I love learning about all sorts of design, riding vintage Vespa scooters and traveling.

things i like

Things I Love

I love a lot of things that are a touch off the mainstream: secondary colors (you know, the oranges, greens, purples), the bass guitar instead of the regular guitar, and prefer traveling to places like Stockholm or Barcelona as opposed to Los Angeles or London.

I'm based in Chicago and Boston but I will travel anywhere... seriously, anywhere. Try me.